Secrets to Finding a Great IT Consultant – Part Seven

Any IT company or technician you consider hiring should be insured. All qualified technicians should have two kinds of insurance. If a firm isn’t insured, you’re taking a major risk by hiring them. Their prices may be cheaper up front, but you could end up paying thousands more in the long run.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance – Without workers’ compensation insurance,
you’re liable in the event that one of their technicians gets hurt at your office. That
technician can, and probably will, sue you.

Errors and Omissions Insurance – What happens if one of their technicians makes
a major mistake that wipes out your company’s crucial files? Well, if they have
errors and omissions insurance, you’ll get money from their insurance company.
If not, they’ll probably file for bankruptcy and you’ll be stuck with the loss.

If you’re lucky, the loss won’t bankrupt you too.

Any legitimate IT services company should be happy to provide you with proof of their insurance.

Note: This content is based on an excerpt of “The Search for Hassle-Free IT” book. Request your FREE copy.