October 2014
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Forgotten Windows 7 Tools
What to Look for When Hiring a Cloud Integrator
The Cloud's Top 10 'Greats' and 'Gotchas'
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Forgotten Windows 7 Tools

Idealogical General Manager Ada discusses how to use two useful (but often forgotten)
 tools that are available in Windows 7: Task Scheduler and Problem Steps Recorder.

What to Look for When Hiring a Cloud Integrator
By Andre Vittorio

A “cloud integrator” is a fancy name for an IT consultant who helps you set up and integrate the various software and solutions into a cloud service specific for your business. But buyer beware! The cloud is brand new technology and you don’t want just anyone setting you up on this.

Unfortunately, the computer repair and consulting industry (along with many others) has its share of incompetent or unethical people who try to take advantage of trusting business owners who simply do not have the ability to determine whether or not the person they've hired knows what they are doing. Sometimes this is out of greed for your money; more often it’s simply because they don’t have the skills and competency to do the job right. They won't tell you this up front because they want to make the sale.

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The Cloud's Top 10 'Greats' and 'Gotchas'
by Courtney Kaufman, Marketing Manager of Accent Computer Solutions, Inc.

Cloud computing is again a hot buzz word in the business world. In technical terms, cloud computing is the on-demand provision of data and software via a computer network rather than from a local computer. Essentially this means that programs like Microsoft Word and Excel reside on the Internet and not on the user’s hard drive, similar to Google Docs.

I think “the Cloud” is great, and never has there been a more agile technology solution for businesses, but there are also some major “gotcha” moments that you need to be aware of.

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