November 2014
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The Advantages of Business
Grade Computers
Is Consumer Grade Good Enough for Your Business?
Windows Server 2003/R2 End of Support Is Coming
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The Advantages of Business Grade Computers

Purchasing Coordinator Denise enlists helpdesk technician Zaid in illustrating the key differences between purchasing a business grade verses a consumer grade laptop in
this fun and informative video.

Is Consumer Grade Good Enough for Your Business?
by Amanda Kehler, Marketing Coordinator at Idealogical Systems

Sure, it's tempting. Your business has a need for a new laptop or desktop, and it's easy to just to run out to the nearest big box store or jump online and find a good deal. You know as well as anyone how valuable every dollar is in your budget, and when you see that consumer systems are often more economical to purchase than business-class systems it seems to be a no-brainer.

What a majority of people don't consider is the difference between initial costs and long term value. Reliability and performance are key considerations, but are too often downplayed in favour of price.

The following are some of the factors you'll want to take into account when comparing business-grade machines to consumer products.

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Windows Server 2003/R2 End of Support Is Coming
used with permission from Microsoft
Your Opportunity for Transformation

In July 2010, Microsoft transitioned from providing mainstream support for Windows Server 2003 to releasing critical patches only. July 14, 2015 marks another transition, this time the end of Microsoft support for Windows Server 2003/R2. While this date may seem distant, now is the time to understand that the end of support and the end of life of Windows Server 2003 means that your business needs to ensure that it has a plan to migrate the applications and workloads currently relying on Windows Server 2003 onto Windows Server 2012 R2  or Microsoft Azure. 

Just to be clear, End-of-Support for Windows Server 2003 means:

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