October 2012
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New Features of IE10

6 Ways to Build Trust

How to Organize Your Computer

Business Continuity Tip
Continuity Tip

Employee Preparedness

When we think of disaster recovery, we often think of a companyís infrastructure; buildings, equipment, data and computer systems. Itís easy to forget that business continuity is first and foremost about the people. Itís people, not technology that recover businesses.

So if your employees are your most valuable asset, what can you do to protect them? View Agility Recovery's webinar "Protecting Your Organization by Preparing Your Employees" for strategies and best practices for helping your employees prepare themselves and their families for a crisis.

Quote for Today

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.

Maria Robinson

Just for Laughs

New Features of Internet Explorer 10

If youíre using an older version of Internet Explorer, youíll be happy to know that the latest version, Internet Explorer 10, will soon be available. You can get Internet Explorer 10 either by upgrading to Windows 8 or by downloading it from Microsoftís website once it becomes available to download.

There are two versions of IE10, both of which come bundled with Windows 8: a traditional desktop browser, and a Metro-style, touch-friendly browser. The former is fully extensible with third party add-ons and plug-ins, whereas the latter relies on HTML5 technology in lieu of plug-in support and focuses primarily on app content to increase battery life and enhance performance.  This makes the Metro-style browser ideal for tablets and other mobile devices, although it can just as easily be used on a desktop computer.

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6 Ways to Build Trust and Ramp Up Your Marketing
reprinted with permission from Microsoft Business Hub

It's been a rough few seasons. "Consumers are fatigued by the stresses brought on by world disorder," says Charlie Elberson, president of Elberson Partners, an advertising agency in Charlotte, N.C. "Americans are starving for relationships they can understand with entities they can trust. This represents a great opportunity for brands to gain a foothold in consumers' psyches."

You ought to focus on how you can demonstrate to customers that, no matter what goes on around the world, you can be trusted. Mind you, trust isn't something you can fake. You must sincerely mean what you say and do. But there's no reason to be shy about getting out the message.

Here are six practical ways to market trustworthiness.

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How to Organize Your Computer to Find
Information Faster

reprinted with permission from Microsoft at Work

An unorganized computer makes it more difficult to find information, and a computer that is cluttered with unnecessary files and email messages can be sluggish. So if you havenít organized your computer recently and itís running slower than youíd like (or youíre having trouble finding things), the tips in this article can help you delete or move old files and email and can even help you do a thorough cleanup.

Clear out your old, unnecessary files

So how long should you keep old files on your hard drive? If you haven't used a particular file for several months, you can probably delete it or store it somewhere else.

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