August 2011
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Tablets & Smartphones

Little Green Apples

Take Control of Information

5 Steps to Create & Execute a Technology Plan

Improve Your Reputation

Business Continuity Tip
Improve Your Reputation via Email and Voicemail
by Chris Geiser,

It’s a virtual world. Winning the respect of your co-workers and customers often depends upon your performance within the modern messaging platforms of email and voicemail. If you leave rambling or incoherent voicemail messages or occasionally find yourself in email stalemates with your colleagues, despite excellent your job performance elsewhere, your career trajectory could still suffer. Today, we’ll discuss how modern messaging problems emerge, how those problems impact our colleagues’ impressions of us, and how we can head off those problems before they negatively affect our professional reputations.

How to Email Better
Email is a determinedly casual form of messaging. You try to keep it light and to the point, but your email, on occasion, shows a flair for the dramatic. This must be squashed. .

The Sender Would Like to Recall the Message
In email there’s something exciting and potentially dangerous about knowing that your message will be received instantaneously.

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Continuity Tip

Crisis Communications Planning Checklist

The success of any business rests firmly on its reputation. Unfortunately your image can be destroyed in a blink by one poorly handled crisis. During an emergency, it’s imperative that those within your organization know how to communicate effectively, both internally and externally.

This crisis communications planning checklist will help you develop a plan, as well as provide you with preparedness tools to ensure continuous communications before, during and after a disaster.

Quote for Today

I can't understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I'm frightened of the old ones.

John Cage

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Tablets & Smartphones: Business Tools or Toys?
Randy Johnson, Vice President - Network Management Group, Inc.

Is this the year of the Tablet? Has the mobile Internet finally arrived? What business purposes are served by using mobile Internet devices, and how can they help us better serve clients? Whether you are working with products from Apple, Motorola, BlackBerry, HTC, Samsung or a myriad of other providers, access to the Internet, and applications or "apps" drive the mobile world. Today, you can use apps that give you access to paperless documents from your office, provide clarification of a business rule from a quick check of research, have the ability to take a note to jog an idea, or to take enough notes for an entire draft memo. You can initiate a print job from anywhere to shared Internet printers, read a document that has been synchronized to the mobile device after being scanned, read books, publications, news sources, email, and consume content from almost any popular source. Apps make it possible to listen to and see news feeds, video conferences, record video, take and view pictures, and access multimedia content from internet sources. While there are limitations, most users now agree that they are so few that a new age of mobility has arrived.

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Little Green Apples
by Heath Gieson, Service Director at SLPowers

There is no doubt that Steve Jobs has been more successful at his second attempt to capture the imagination of the masses. Apple is cash rich and has introduced some amazing products. The iPod, iPhone, and iPad have revolutionized the way we interact, entertain, and inform. And these devices have managed to introduce many people to the Mac computer. The Mac platform is arguably easier to use, more stable, and more efficient than the standard Windows platforms. In fact now it seems that most people see it as the foreign luxury car to Microsoft's domestic family sedan.

I started my IT career by building and supporting Macintosh networks. Note I said Macintosh; this was before a marketing person at Apple determined it should just be Mac. Indeed I used to be young and idealistic. I even had a poster on my wall that stated IBM stands for I Buy Macintosh. But then I got out of the warm nursery that was my college's creative arts department where I installed and administrated an Apple network, and into the business world. I spent great deal of time trying to convince every IT decision maker I came across that Apple's were superior to IBM's PC platform. Generally, I found most of them agreed with me, but said, “Do you have any idea what that would cost?” Honestly back then being a young green IT guy, I had no idea.

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Take Control of Information with an Intelligent
Archiving Strategy

used with permission from Symantec

Such a strategy can help enterprises confidently store, manage, and discover critical business information across multiple content sources.

If your organization is like most, you’re probably retaining much more information than you should. According to one study, too many enterprises today are saving information indefinitely rather than implementing policies that would enable them to delete unimportant data with confidence.

Increasingly, the price to pay for this “packrat” approach is becoming harder to justify. As data continues to grow exponentially, trying to keep everything just consumes larger and larger amounts of storage space and makes too many demands on IT resources. Spending more time and money on poor information management practices can’t continue indefinitely.

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5 Steps to Create and Execute a Technology Plan
by Courtney Kaufman, Marketing Manager of Accent Computer Solutions, Inc.

As an owner or business executive have you ever contemplated your business objectives and come to realize that your technology is in the way of your plans?

Have you had a great idea about improving business operations or productivity and found out that you just don’t have the right computer systems, or that it will cost a ton of money to upgrade? Would you like to know what the new trends are and how they could benefit you?

Technology planning helps answer the above questions and many more that you may not think to ask. The primary goal of a technology plan is to support your business plan objectives and to keep productivity and compliance issues front and center. Here are the five steps in creating and executing a Technology Plan.


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