Video Transcript

If you want to be free to innovate, to react quickly, to seize the moment but you want a simple approach to technology that doesn’t chain you down to big PC and software investments then you should switch like many growing businesses to hosted desktops and hosted applications. Hosted services unchain desktops and applications and puts them in our data center where they can be accessed by any device. And that can make some big differences for your employees and your business. Your employees can be more productive, they now have easy, single logins access to any of the applications they need at any time, in the office, out in the field, from home with an uncompromised user experience that seamlessly moves with them and changes to fit the device they prefer to use. Your company is safer even if the device is lost or stolen you and your employees can rest easy because the data and applications don’t live on the hardware, just pick a new device, login once and you’re back in business. Your business can be more flexible, scale up or scale down easily to meet any business need. From seasonal upswings, to reorganizations, to adding contractors or employees with the click of a button. Plus a simple subscription model means that your monthly expenses are predictable without the capital expense and time it would take to build everything yourself. In fact, your tech staff can be freed from a whole lot of headaches. Desktop Tech Support is far simpler. Applications updated automatically and because they stay in our data center, business continuity and security are built right into the solution. Put it all together and your company just got a lot lighter, leaner and faster. With hosted desktops and applications you can react quickly, you can simplify technology, you can give employees freedom to use any device they want all while you have peace of mind that your company’s data is secure and under control. Ready to get started? Please contact us for more information.