Video Transcript

Your company’s data. You never realize just how critical it is until something bad happens to it. Imagine walking into the office one morning to find all of your company’s data gone. How? A theft, a fire, a sprinkler head going off because someone lit a cigarette in the office next door or even unintentional employee mistakes. These are just some of the things that can end up causing serious damage to sensitive information your company needs to operate efficiently.

Unless you are a superhero, dealing with an emergency on an older backup solution involves multiple steps. Finding those old backup tapes and hoping they haven’t succumbed to heat and humidity, ordering and installing a replacement tape drive, ordering and setting up a replacement server and finally beginning the recovery process. All of these could take up to a few weeks. At LogicalVault we’re here to make sure that when disaster strikes you are never more than a phone call away from a rapid recovery. So you can get back to work. It won’t take weeks to recover your data. With LogicalVault you will up and running in just a few hours.

Our team understands the importance of letting you focus on running your business which is why we built our systems to automate the backup process at regular intervals. Every fifteen minutes a snap shot of your office is automatically copied to an external cloud server. This process is fully secure. All of your files are encrypted before they are sent off and stored on a virtual fortress accessible only to you. In the event of an emergency, LogicalVault can quickly connect to your business operations in your cloud backup so you can operate virtually anywhere even if your office is not available. Any changes made to your data in the cloud will be added to your local server once it gets back on its feet.

As you have seen, LogicalVault has many advantages over traditional backups systems. It’s faster, way more efficient and doesn’t rely on outdated technology to get the job done. Be the office superhero and you can rest easy with LogicalVault as your sidekick. Contact us today. We have a cape ready for you.