Video Transcript

No matter what your business is IT is supposed to make it more productive and efficient. But after buying all the hardware, upgrading software, securing the data and then paying a company to maintain it all it can be a real drag on your bottom line, especially when you have to repeat it all over again in four years.

That’s where Liquidesk comes in. Liquidesk is a turnkey IT solution that includes all the hardware, software, data security, helpdesk and management for one predictable monthly fee. With no more large upfront IT spends ever again. Liquidesk takes everything: your desktop and servers, your email, your files and applications and puts them all in one place – our ultra-secure private cloud servers. Gone are the headaches of buying expensive hardware and software, upgrading systems every four years and having to fight constant IT fires. Our private cloud environment provides everything you need: processing power, data storage, backup and all the latest software releases, such as Microsoft Office and QuickBooks. That means all you have to do is open a web browser and access your desktop anytime, anywhere. And because Liquidesk is browser based you can connect to any device that has internet access and securely access what you need anytime, anywhere, using any device. Your PC at the office, your Mac at home, your table in the airport, your smartphone on the beach. Simply finish working on one device and carry on, on the other. What makes the Liquidesk service even better is that it is scalable to match your business which means you only pay for the power and services that you need. Minimizing your IT costs, maximizing your productivity and growing as you grow. So eliminate costly IT spends, bloated maintenance bills and network downtime. Call Idealogical today and see how Liquidesk can make your IT simple.