User Permissions

Idealogical’s UMMS offers complete permissioning and control over data access, allowing locals, regional offices and executive committees to function independently while sharing crucial information. Assign specific roles and rights to specific members. Business representatives and administrative staff within one local can only see the action and movement of individuals within their local, but can share and pool work with other locals. Members of the Regional Council can be given centralized control and a top-level view of interaction at all of the locals. Member and job information is centralized, accessible by any user and trackable for auditing purposes.

Detailed Member Management

Maintain members’ biographical information and generate member reports for individuals or groups of members. Leave and store notes directly in a member record from within the worklist. Track apprentice courses, hours and skills – effectively manage the growth and development of your members. Track and manage member qualifications and certifications. Generate statements of qualification, transcripts, and letters related to a certification. Quickly and easily perform mail merges for bulk emails, letters, documents. Export Word, Excel or PDFs instantly.

Work (Out-of-work) Lists

Maintain a time-based work (out-of-work) list for your Local or regional office and generate out-of-work reports for each skill level, job class, etc. Members placed on jobs are automatically removed from the list and returned upon completion, based on the rules you set (allowing for a minimum or maximum of days in the field). The UMMS makes regulatory compliance fast and easy – creating and maintaining accurate work lists and a detailed history of all movement on the list.

Job Dispatching

Standardized process for creating and collecting job information – select from the member roster or the work (out-of-work) list. Instantly access member contact details. If the member accepts the job, add them immediately to the order and provide instant access to member information, hourly wage, skills, etc. to contractors. If the member declines, add reasons and set business rules based on the number of declined job offers.

Contractor and Job-site Information

Store detailed information for all contractors and job sites. Immediately access the history of jobs for a site or by the contractor. Avoid conflicts with banned lists for contractors and sites who refuse to work with specific members (the system will prevent you from assigning an unwelcome worker to a specific site or contractor).

Apprentice Training & Development

Automatically manage courses and classes. Track and register apprentices and journeymen, maintains class rosters, and record grades and certificates. Automatically track wage and level steps based on training and hours in the field.

Customizable Layout, Workflows and Business Rules

A local can provide specific business rules for creation of work lists and the system will automatically calculate the proper positioning of members. Specific views and layouts can be customized to mimic the existing print outs and workflow required by the administrative staff. Ensure that the proper information is collected during the initiation of a job or member by having required data fields.

Anything and everything in the system can be prepared as a customized report and printed out, all with customizable column selections in an easily readable and reusable format. Export as a PDF, Excel document, Word document, XML and more.

And Much More

Enumerate groups of members by level, status, and skills. Manage both in-province and out-of-province members, and permit workers. Take a look…

Member Record

Every piece of information about a member is instantly accessible, including biographical data, job/work history, skills, etc.

Apprentice Tracking

Automatically track and monitor the progress of apprentices. Expiration of certifications, growth from apprentice to journeyman based on hours and training requirements.

Report Generation

From mail merges to status and update reports, quickly and easily choose the information you want to report on.


Deploying the UMMS can be as simple as placing a single previously set up server on-site with your current systems, or can be integrated into a complete Idealogical solution, including our Work Anywhere ASP hosting solution and various other business services. Since the system is built using Microsoft’s .NET platform, you can take advantage of complete systems integration using Microsoft’s various product offerings.

Coming Soon…

Idealogical is continually developing innovative new components for the UMMS, including a self-service member portal, integration of dues management and a customer relationship management integration module. Scheduled for release in Q2 in 2005, these system enhancements will further solidify the UMMS as the platform of choice for the union serious about the integration of information technology in their organization.

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