The Information Technology industry just got its wake-up call: Andre Vittorio, the author of “The Search for Hassle-Free IT”, offers the ultimate small business owner’s guide to finding a professional, competent, honest, fairly priced and dependable IT consultant.

Markham, ONT — Andre Vittorio, the author of “The Search for Hassle-Free IT” has officially put the Small Business Information Technology industry on notice: with the launch of this book the traditional search for an IT consultant will soon be as outdated as typewriters are today.

The biggest problem business owners encounter is with well-meaning yet incompetent technical consultants. By arming business owners with information, Andre Vittorio hopes to raise the standards within the computer support industry and provide consumers with the knowledge to choose a great computer consultant and improve their businesses.

As most business owners know the true cost of a poorly maintained network is painfully high. In this book, the author provides well kept secrets to reduce IT costs, tips on how to avoid project nightmares, and valuable information on contracts, payment schedules and rate negotiations.

“My goal is to raise the standards for all consultants, and by doing so, raise the reputation of the entire industry. I consider every business owner who benefits from my efforts as a step in the right direction”, Andre Vittorio explains.

The book promises to teach business owners how to: reduce IT costs, secure the network, eliminate computer problems and turn technology into a competitive advantage, among other useful topics.

For media inquiries, to arrange for an interview or an expert quote please contact Andre Vittorio at 905-474-0772.

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