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How to Connect to Liquidesk from Anywhere


Video Transcript

Wouldn’t be great if we could work from wherever and whenever it was most convenient? How much easier would our work day be if we could finish that document on the go instead of losing time and being under pressure waiting until you reach the office?

Hi! I’m Sean, ITM at Idealogical, along with Alwyn here and we are here to talk to you about how easily you can connect to your Liquidesk anywhere.

When we talk about your Liquidesk account we are talking about your desktop including all your programs and files that you have access to when you sign in at work everyday. But what about when you are out of the office? This is when the true advantage of Liquidesk becomes clear. You can work from your desktop or your laptop at home or a tablet and have real time access to the files and applications and programs you need to work on.

But how do you access Liquidesk on the go?

The answer is the Citrix Receiver. Your Liquidesk account can be accessed with internet connection and the Citrix Receiver installed. It can be installed on most devices and looks exactly identical when you are pretty much at the office so you can access your programs and your files.

So, how do you install your Citrix Receiver?

To install the Citrix Receiver go to and in the Downloads tab click the Citrix Receiver Link. On Android products you will be redirected to the google play store. On mobile Apple products you will be redirected to the app store. From either of those stores you can download the free Citrix Receiver.

After the receiver is installed you can go to your browser and enter you company’s Citrix access gateway address, fill in the log on information to access your desktop and you will be able to work with your Liquidesk anywhere and anytime just by going to your company’s Citrix access gateway site.

As you can see, it’s really easy to use Liquidesk anywhere. If you ever have any questions about accessing your account, don’t hesitate, send us an email or give us a call to the Idealogical Helpdesk. Will be glad to help you out.

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