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The Advantages of Purchasing Business Grade Computers


Video Transcript

Denise: Hi, I’m Denise, and today I’m going to explain why business-grade computers are a better choice over consumer grade machines for you and your company.

Zaid: Whoa whoa whoa there! What are you talking about? A computer is a computer is a computer, isn’t it?

Denise: Oh! It’s my colleague Zaid. Nope, sorry, there are some big differences between computers that are built for the business market vs the consumer market.

Zaid: I doubt it. It’s probably just another way for them to wring more money from the people who are most likely to have it. You can’t deny that home computers are cheaper. Psst! Would you like to buy a cool laptop for $200?

Denise: Just calm down there bucko. There’s a reason that while the initial cost of a consumer-grade computer is lower than a business-grade computer, it’s really not worth it for the business user. Just have a listen and it will all become clear.

Zaid: Alright, if I have to.

Denise: Business laptops are built to be carried with an employee on-site, and to deal with any related shock or temperature dangers. Business-grade desktop computers are built better, as well. They are designed to be on 8 hours a day, 7 days a week. Home PCs or laptops are designed to be staying at home.

Denise: The quality of construction for a home machine doesn’t match up to business-grade machines because they don’t have to deal with the same situations.

But what if you are a little tough on your machine? Or you’re not but something goes wrong anyway? If you are having an issue with your consumer PC, it’s unlikely you’ll get the same kind of warranty service that you will with a business-grade machine. Most consumer computers have a 12 month return-to-depot services, meaning you will need to take the computer to the specified location for it to be serviced. You will be without your computer for weeks while they fix it. Business machines often come with a 3 year parts and labour coverage, where the repair technician comes onsite. Additional options like coverage for damages caused by drops and spills are also available for business grade machines. With the right warranty, you can have a repair technician onsite within hours as opposed to having to send your computer in for repair.

Zaid: Well, I guess that could be handy. What’s this?

Denise: Your expiration date. Software updates and drivers are made at different rates for business and home computers. A home computer’s manufacturer will stop making updates once a home system is out of date. Business systems have extended life-cycles so that, as long as the machine is still in use, it is supported.

Zaid: I guess that’s good. I mean, if you care about longevity. Me, I’m much more concerned about style. Consumer computers come in a cool range of colours!

Denise: Mmmhmm. But just try getting onto your corporate network with that hot pink laptop and it’s Windows Home operating system. The tools on a business computer, like remote applications or encryption tools, aren’t available on a home computer. The professional version of Windows on business grade PCs has features that the home and starter versions don’t.

Zaid: Well, how about this? Consumer PCs have all the newest and coolest gadgets and software and the latest operating systems. Can’t deny that, right?

Denise: New technology is often available sooner on consumer models. But not everyone wants to be on the so called “bleeding edge” of new technology, especially when it comes to navigating an unfamiliar interface of a new operating system.

For instance, using Windows 8 is a very different experience than using Windows 7. Most consumer computers come installed with the latest operating system and no way to install an older one.

Businesses will standardize their software on a single platform, so manufacturers build business computers to be able to run older operating systems as well as the latest versions.

Zaid: Well, that’s fine for you, old-timer. You gotta get with the times. My state of the art new home laptop came with 200 GB of super awesome new programs!

Denise: Yeah, here in the corporate world, we call that “bloatware” – unnecessary software that bogs down a lot of consumer models. This “bloatware” software is a form of advertising for the software developers that reduces the cost, but slows down the speed of the machine.

Zaid: Fine, I get it. I guess maybe business is better. If you’re like, a suit or whatever.

Denise: It’s ok, Zaid. Consumer PCs do have the advantage of offering the latest cool technology and availability in different styles and sizes. That can be great for the home user, but these features just aren’t at the top of a business manager’s priorities. The durability, reliability, business-ready features and service and warranty options are all better in a business machine to what you will get when you purchase a consumer product. So, to sum up, here are the advantages of each:


  • more durable and reliable
  • tried and true technology
  • longer lifecycle
  • more choices in operating systems
  • better warranty options
  • able to be joined to a corporate network


  • Latest styles
  • Latest technology for home media
  • Lower initial purchase cost

Do you have questions about what kind of machine is right for you, or are you interested in trying a demo unit? Give me a call, I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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