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How to Archive Your Email


Video Transcript

Hi there! Sean here from Idealogical to talk to you about email archiving, how this can help you, why it’s important and how to do it.

First of all, what is an email archive? Simply put the email archive is the collection of all your e-mails compressed into one flat file known as the PST. So why would you have to perform this e-mail archive? Well at some point, you’re gonna get a notification from your system administrator that will indicate that the size of your e-mail inbox is grown so large to a size or it’s approaching the threshold that you will not be able to send or receive emails and we do not want that to happen.

As the size of your company grows and you get more employees you have more email and the email data base expands and grows, so we want to perform the email archive so that the size of your email data base is manageable. Now, let’s take a look at how we’re gonna archive your e-mail.

From Outlook 2010 we’re gonna click on FILE. OPTIONS, ADVANCED and right here we’ll see Auto Archive settings. It’s not set to run by Default and it’s also 14 days. So we wanna activate it by clicking here. You can change the frequency to your preference. The most important part is to observe the file location. By principle we wanna set it to somewhere on your network, on the company’s network. So we have set ours to the common drive which is on the network. Take a look here and we’ll see the common drive, Outlook files, Archive and there it is so we know where to look for it. Click “OK”, click “OK” again, actually we perform the archive and make it run. We’re gonna go to file again, Cleanup Tools and Archive. Now we’re gonna say “OK”. If we go back to the Home tab we’ll see the Archive performing.

Now that our Archive has completed and we know this by looking here, all folders are up to date. You can find your archive right here under the, under your inbox tree. Just click the arrow to expand it. Click the inbox and you can expand that as well and we’ll now see the e-mails. Oops! There I am at the Christmas party last year. Didn’t wanna lose that email coz you know, it’s highly circulated. That is how to perform your email archive.

So, now that we’ve seen how to do this let me know if you have any problems, if you have any troubles archiving your email, this is why we’re here. Give us a call.

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