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Handy Shortcuts in Windows 7


Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Amanda, Marketing Coordinator at Idealogical, here today to talk to you about some super handy, lesser-known keyboard shortcuts in Windows 7. You already know the big ones, like the shortcuts for copy, paste and save, but now we’re going to show you some shortcuts for other functions that you may be able to make use of. Let’s take a look at some shortcuts using the Windows key.

You already know that the Windows key can be used to open the start menu. But the Windows key is also used for some shortcuts in the operating system itself.

You can use the Windows key and the E key to open the My Computer file. Or, you can use the Windows key and the F key to search for a file or folder. If you want to zoom in or out, use the Windows key and the Plus or Minus keys to bring up a zoom window.

But if all that makes your screen cluttered, hit the Windows key and the D key to bring up your desktop. You can set a display mode with the Windows key and P, or lock your computer with the Windows key and L.

Along with the Windows keys shortcuts, which work with the operating system, we have the “F” keys that work with the programs and windows you have open.

You can press the F1 key to open the help menu on a program that you’re running. Pressing the F10 key in that same program will activate or deactivate the menu bar, and pressing F5 will refresh whatever the active window is.

Outside of an individual program, if you want to search for a file or folder, then you can hit F3. Once you’ve found it, if you feel like renaming it, then go ahead and press F2 to rename it.

I hope you found these shortcuts to be useful. Looking for more? Just hit control T to open up a new tab on your browser, open up the URL for your favorite search engine and search for “keyboard shortcuts”. There’s a lot of great information out there. As always, if you have any questions for us, give us a call. We’ll be happy to help.

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