Logical Care

Protection at an affordable cost.

Logical Care is a budget-conscious solution for companies that want premier level response time complemented with unlimited remote technical consulting, regular network maintenance and monitoring. Logical Care lets Idealogical supervise your network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and be of service when you call.

Logical Care offers maintenance, remote technical consulting, optional monthly on-site visits and monitoring for a fixed monthly fee. We regularly perform preventative maintenance and monitoring of the network from the inside out to ensure network stability. If something unforeseen does occur, we work remotely to diagnose and resolve the issue as soon as possible. If an unscheduled on-site visit is required, we will provide it at a reduced cost. Logical Care provides support so that you can focus on your business and let Idealogical focus on keeping your technology working for you.

“The feeling of partnership that comes with having Idealogical on your team is the best peace-of-mind you can have for a growing business.”
Howard Drukarsh, Partner, Right at Home Reality

What you can Expect


Guaranteed emergency response time & service priority


Proactive monitoring of the IT infrastructure to predict and prevent
IT failure


Immediate identification of unavoidable IT failure to minimize business impact


Priority access to systems analysis available 24 x 7 for notifications
and escalations


Network monitoring services


A strategic partnership you can
count on


Unlimited remote support

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