Big thinking for small business

No matter what your IT requirements, Idealogical has you covered. Our small business IT solutions are more than just affordable, they can save you money. Most importantly, with increased reliability and efficiency, you’ll save time and gain a competitive advantage.

Has your experience with IT involved unhelpful attitudes, uncertain wait times or just plain incompetence? Have you had enough? If so, we can provide a professional, reliable solution. We’re aiming to elevate the standards of the IT industry, so you can expect more.

Your “CTO for hire”

Idealogical adopts a CTO (Chief Technology Officer) for hire strategy. We engage our clients to be as forthcoming as possible with their growth plans and challenges, so we can effectively evaluate what their needs are – both short term and long term – and work with them to budget for it.

Don’t wait for your IT to malfunction, then pay technicians by the hour to resolve issues. Idealogical’s proactive approach alleviates the pain of unplanned downtime. For small business IT support services, there’s no one better.

Every successful business has a professional team of advisors – from legal advice to accounting to best practices. In order to stay competitive, IT consultants are equally as important to your business as lawyers and accountants. You can count on our expert team to help give your company an edge via efficient and effective IT solutions. We will deliver what you need – on time, on budget, every time.

“Clients approach us with their growth plan and we work with them from beginning to end – from reviewing their seating plans, to ensuring that there are proper data and voice jacks at each workstation, to procuring and purchasing of additional equipment, to the actual move and the being onsite on day one of a move to ensure all their employees are working and any kinks are worked out.”

Ada Wan, Vice President – General Manager, Idealogical

Take advantage of IT insight that can improve the way you do business.

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