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Imagine a simple, powerful and budget-friendly IT solution. With private cloud computing, you get all the hardware, software, data security, helpdesk and management you’ll ever need – for one predictable monthly fee. No matter where you go, you can easily access your entire IT infrastructure, your desktop and documents. With private cloud computing, all you have to do is open a web browser and access your desktop any time, anywhere, on any device.

The many advantages of private cloud computing.

Private cloud computing is personalized and scalable to match your business. It offers you awesome processing power backed by IBM’s amazing servers. It features ultimate flexibility – you choose whether you want the cloud on-site or off-site. On top of that, it’s the greener choice for IT.



Private cloud computing is an organized, personalized, and centralized alternative to  traditional cluttered desktops. With a single sign-on, users have access to all of their data and both Cloud-based and traditional applications.

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Private cloud computing offers a level of security that is not available to most small to midsize organizations. Data is stored on secure servers in Tier 4 Type II SAS70 compliant data centers. That we can actually take to for a tour. We know exactly where everything is all the time.

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Your software, documents and all your data can be waiting for you anywhere you travel. Private cloud computing is the perfect solution for the demands of business tomorrow, but in your hands today!

Budget Friendly


No more surprise IT costs. One predictable monthly payment gives you all your hardware, software and support. No more surprise IT costs means you can better manage your growth and costs.

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With no hardware required onsite, the private cloud uses far less energy and less waste than a traditional office setup.

This short video explains how our cloud computing service works.


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  • Private cloud computing can lower your IT costs by 35% – 50%
  • Greatly improve the ability for your remote workers to connect and work
  • Streamline your entire IT infrastructure


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