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Advanced. Affordable. Accessible.

Idealogical provides small business equal access to highly-trained IT professionals using tried-and-tested best practices normally reserved for big business. We take those principles and make them affordable and accessible to small business, providing you with the network support to be more cost-effective and competitive. We’ve got you covered. We’ve taken our many years of experience and combined them into a comprehensive suite of services designed to address any IT issue you may have, wherever you may be in your business growth cycle.

Whatever your technology issue, Idealogical has the expertise and small business IT solutions you need to get up to speed, easily and efficiently.


The Idealogical Network Discovery is an intensive diagnostic, documentation, planning, auditing and organizational service. Getting started is easy. We’ll come to you, assess your needs and explain our capabilities. In our discovery process, we’ll identify issues, holes and threats then determine solutions to help your business run smoothly.

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No matter what your IT requirements, Idealogical has you covered. Our small business IT solutions are more than just affordable, they can save you money. Most importantly, with increased reliability and efficiency, you’ll save time and gain a competitive advantage.

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Files are great, but what about everything that makes those files accessible like servers and programs? LogicalVault puts everything into a “bubble” that can be easily transported to another piece of hardware. In the event of a disaster, this makes it easy to run all of your office bubbles on other computers in the cloud, or even at your house.

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People want to bring their personal device in to be used on the company network, and they don’t want to carry two devices around for personal and work use. Mobile Genius from Idealogical allows your employees to use their personal devices while maintaining security and use policies for your businesses data.

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At Idealogical, our certified Apple professionals can take care of any job, from set-up, to service, to tech support. We are an official partner of the Apple Consultants Network. We specialize in making macs and PC work together in harmony. We love PCs and Macs equally!

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Why Choose Us?

  • We incorporate best practices used by big enterprises, for small business.
  • Our staff are professional, courteous, uniformed and fully certified.
  • We have over ten years of proven small business IT experience in Markham & the GTA.
  • We have long standing, accredited partner relationships with some of the biggest names in the industry
  • We’ve worked hard to make Idealogical a caring, respectful and fun environment, and we believe this comes through in the way we work and treat our customers.

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