Gain insight, not just information.

By giving you peace of mind when it comes to IT, you can focus on helping your company grow. It all starts with the Idealogical Network Discovery service, which assesses your business processes and objectives from an IT perspective. We diagnose and document your current situation to help you fully understand your IT picture, and give you a roadmap for IT efficiency. You’ll be amazed at the possibilities.

The Idealogical Network Discovery

The Idealogical Network Discovery is an intensive diagnostic, documentation, planning, auditing and organizational service. Getting started is easy. We’ll come to you, assess your needs and explain our capabilities. In our discovery process, we’ll identify issues, holes and threats then determine solutions to help your business run smoothly. At Idealogical, we can help your company with any IT issue, from simple hardware and network deployments, to complex custom systems and software development projects. This is no mere “assessment”, it is an in-depth analysis of what needs to be fixed and how to make IT work for you. You will end up with a Business Technology Plan that you can use to guide your IT-related decisions moving forward. This report can form the basis for service selection by providing a clear picture of your IT needs. The goal of this service is to help you fully understand your technology’s current state, and give you the correct information for making technology purchases and plans.

The Network Discovery process is comprised of three parts over two visits:

  • The Business Process & Objectives discussion
  • Network Audit, Documentation and Organizational process
  • Presentation of the Business Technology Plan and question time

Idealogical takes a thorough look at your network, from the perspective of your business objectives.

We perform a detailed analysis and diagnostic of your:

  • Business workflows
  • File server
  • Backup system
  • Network, infrastructure and configuration
  • Workstations, laptops and PDAs
  • Software

Your customized Discovery Report will include the following insights:

  • Clean-up and organization – assessment, advice, documentation and advancement
  • Network Information Binder – review of network audit findings, configuration, topology, user data and inventory (software/hardware)
  • Discovery Findings and Strategy Report – combined findings, summary report, best pratices recommendations, strategic advice, budget scenarios

Discover the potential of IT to help grow your business

The Network Discovery service allows us to better understand how your company and current technology work together. Based on the discovery report, we will provide a 4-year technology plan that guarantees uptime and stability for your business. We will present these findings and recommendations in a report to the key decision makers in a 2 hour follow-up meeting approximately 1 week after the discovery. The Network Discovery is vital – it serves as both a business and technical audit that enables you to evaluate current setups and plan for the future success of your business. The discovery process is 100% non-invasive. Idealogical will observe your network, then provide you with an instant report on its performance, stability and security operations.

Put your best foot forward in the building of an effective technology plan and a properly informed quotation. Take advantage of IT insight that can improve the way you do business.

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