The Mobile Genius

An ingenious way to secure your mobile enterprise data

Control what data is allowed on mobile devices and where it goes. Remove data remotely when necessary. Mobile Genius supports all brands and platforms of smart phones.

People want to bring their personal device in to be used on the company network, and they don’t want to carry two devices around for personal and work use. Mobile Genius from Idealogical allows your employees to use their personal devices while maintaining security and use policies for your businesses data.


Mobile Genius offers enhanced control capabilities

  • Support for BYOD (Bring your own device) initiatives for iPhones, iPads, Android devices and BlackBerry
  • Data control based on geography
  • Remote data destruction/wipe
  • Enforcement of corporate policy such as browsing control, use of camera, GPS location services, geo tracking and much more
  • Control of data usage and costs
  • Remote provisioning and setup
  • Control of app installation to prevent non-compliant or malicious apps from being installed
  • Auditing and event monitoring with comprehensive usage reporting

Take control of your company’s mobile data today with Mobile Genius.

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