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Alwyn and Sean take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Dousing your friends and family with ice cold water has become a media sensation across North America, raising funds and awareness to support those living with ALS. We’ve had a blast this week seeing our colleagues react and we are also happy to have contributed financially to the campaign.

Here is the last of our Ice Bucket Challenge Videos – starring Alwyn and Sean and the loudest scream we have recorded yet!

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Watch Ada and Wayne take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Idealogical staff are proud to do a small part to support the ALS Society of Canada by participating in the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Watch General Manager Ada and Vice-President Wayne take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in response to Darren’s nomination!

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Watch Darren Do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

At Idealogical, we are always looking for ways to give back to the community. So we were excited to learn about the ALS Ice Bucket challenge and the publicity that it is providing to a great cause. According to ALS, generous support for the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS has almost reached $10 million in donations in Canada.

We’re proud to do our small part to support the ALS Society of Canada by participating in the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Watch as Idealogical’s Systems Administrator Darren does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and calls out Idealogical Management!

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Andre Appears on the Business Fix TV Show

Andre - Business Fix 1

Idealogical President Andre Vittorio was a recent guest on Business Fix, a weekly program on Rogers TV. Business Fix is hosted by David Rubin and Brian Brennan and is aimed at entrepreneurs who want to take their businesses to the next level.

During this segment of the program host Brian Brennan introduces Andre as an award-winning entrepreneur who won the ASPIRE award from the Markham Board of Trade in 2013. Andre describes how Idealogical began as a hobby for him in high school and discusses what it has taken for him to build it into the thriving business that it is today. He highlights the importance of communication and explains how he works to maintain the fun, open but accountable employee culture at Idealogical. He also provides some advice for aspiring leaders.

Take a look!

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Andre wins Markham Board of Trade’s ASPIRE Award

ASPIRE Award Recipients

MARKHAM, April 19, 2013 – Markham Board of Trade’s Young Professionals Committee celebrated their first anniversary by presenting the inaugural ASPIRE Awards.

Nominees for the ASPIRE (Achieving Social and Professional Ideals, Reaching Excellence) Awards must demonstrate business success, community involvement and be a role model and inspiration to others.

The recipients are:

Andre Vittorio, President, Idealogical Systems Inc.

Jason Cottrell, Founder and Director, Myplanet Digital

Riyaz Datoo, Principal, Crystallize It Inc.

“I’d like to congratulate all the nominees and salute the ASPIRE Award recipients”, said Bill Hutton, Young Professionals Committee Chair. “Our judges were challenged by the number of talented, successful, entrepreneurial candidates for these inaugural awards.”

The Young Professionals Committee was established to help cultivate Markham’s young professionals and inspire the next generation of business leaders.

The Board of Trade has been Markham’s premier business association for over 30 years. It represents 800 members, from large corporations to small business owners. The Board of Trade enhances the success of its members by offering exclusive programs and services to assist them in realizing their goals. It supports the business community at large by advocating on issues critical to the economic vitality and quality of life within […]