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Brought into the Idealogical fold in 2008 to provide the vital link between a client’s day-to-day business operations and their technology needs, Vice- President, General Manager Ada Wan has a unique appreciation of the importance, and the many challenges of, integrating traditional business practices with modern technology. Ada brings a wealth of small business experience to the Idealogical team, having spent over 9 years working closely with several large financial institutions (in small business lending and credit). She has provided advice on finance, credit and operations to many new and flourishing enterprises.

Do We Treat Our Cars Better Than Our Network Infrastructure?


As IT infrastructure professionals, we are fortunate to have encountered businesses in all sectors of industry. When we meet new businesses that express a need for our services, regardless of what their product is, their first and foremost concern is always “uptime”. We hear that down time costs them money and opportunity, productivity and efficiency… yet, when we dig deeper, we find that the infrastructure that these businesses rely on don’t get the TLC that it deserves to meet the expectations of its owners.

Case in point… Logistics companies will ensure their vehicles are regularly maintained and replaced when required. Why? Because they want to avoid the lost revenue if a truck breaks down unexpectedly. Those of us who own our vehicles and expect them to get us to and from work everyday, to carry our families safely from Point A to Point B will ensure the vehicle has regular oil changes, scheduled maintenance appointments, and snow tires when required. So if your business is expecting your IT infrastructure to stay up and running, doesn’t it make sense to give the infrastructure the time and attention it deserves to do […]

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The Cost of Bad IT Advice

bad advice

Have you ever walked out of a home improvement store with something that you didn’t really need just because an “expert” recommended it? It’s a real hassle that usually ends with you returning the item to the store. But when you buy a computer program that’s wrong for you, it’s even more of a hassle. By the time you realize there’s a problem, it’s usually too late. There’s not much you can do but suck it up and take the loss. That’s the cost of bad advice.

Computer consultants don’t only falter when recommending products and services, though. They have also been known to grossly underestimate the time and money a project will take to successfully complete. This can cause you to miss deadlines and blow your budget.

Paying for bad advice is another cost that is hard to measure; however, if you’ve ever been disappointed or outright burned by a so-called IT expert, you know the costs are painfully high.

Here are just a few of the ways bad IT advice can cost you:

  • Paying for unnecessary projects, software, or hardware.
  • Paying too much for repairs, […]
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