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We’re here to help you work better. Our customers love working with our local team of certified professionals. They appreciate our energy, resourcefulness and passion for problem solving. We know IT issues can seem complex, but we take the time to simplify the process. And we’re available 24/7 for any issue, big or small. We’re friendly and fun-loving – you’ll get to know us and count on us.

Introducing the best IT team in the business

Our team is made up of well-rounded individuals. Not only are we highly trained IT specialists, each team member is required to hold several industry-specific certifications and accreditations. We work together to provide honest, reliable service and innovative solutions. And, we always deliver.

Andre Vittorio

Andre has been at the helm of Idealogical from day one. He has nurtured, developed and steadily grown the organization from its roots as a small, part-time business into a full-time enterprise. His knowledge and experience in the Information Technology industry has made him a trusted resource and valued partner in the strategic planning, systems integration and technological needs of many small to medium sized businesses in Southern Ontario.

My goal is to raise the standards for all consultants, and by doing so, improve the reputation of the entire industry. We’re here to give small businesses the IT support they need in order to grow

In addition to his numerous industry technical certifications and accreditations, Andre studied Computer Science and History at the University of Toronto, and doesn’t miss an opportunity to further pursue his education in business and technology. Much of Andre’s technical training was accomplished while working for IBM, and later for Cadillac Fairview where he headed several technology projects in the area of Information Systems. When not looking after the business, Andre is an avid and accomplished photographer, and loves traveling to different parts of the globe. He has an impressive portfolio of his own images from several cities around the world.

Ada Wan
Vice President – General Manager


Ada brings a wealth of small business experience to the Idealogical team, having spent over 9 years working closely with several large financial institutions (in small business lending and credit), including chartered banks and Industry Canada. She has provided advice on finance, credit and operations to many new and flourishing enterprises.

We work together with our clients as partners in growth. They get to know the members of our team and we get to know them and the specific needs of their business.

With a deep understanding and appreciation for the unique business and technological needs of today’s small business, Ada is instrumental in providing our clients with the understanding of just what it takes to manage all aspects of their operations, especially when considering the speed of today’s business technology. Ada’s personable approach to addressing the business needs of each client, from an applications standpoint, is the perfect complement to Idealogical’s technical expertise when assessing and implementing a client’s technological needs. Brought into the Idealogical fold early in 2008 to provide the vital link between a client’s day-to-day business operations and their technology needs, Ada has a unique appreciation of the importance, and the many challenges of, integrating traditional business practices with modern technology. In her free time, Ada enjoys dancing Salsa and Argentine Tango and teaches the Argentine Tango occasionally. Whenever possible, she likes to travel and has a love of meeting new people and learning new languages.

Wayne Westernacher-Schneider
Vice-President, Technical Services


Wayne has been an integral part of the Idealogical management team since joining the company in 1997, and served as our former Director of Technical Services. In 2008, Wayne’s dedication and commitment was further recognized when he was elevated to the position of Vice-President, Technical Services. He holds an undergraduate degree in Economics from York University and has over eleven years experience in the IT industry.

We’re focused on helping our clients get the most out of their business systems. We are accountable for maintaining smooth performance.

Wayne’s responsibilities include project management, client support, and network development and management. Wayne is a commissioned Captain in the Canadian Armed Forces and is the current Commanding Officer of 8 Globemaster Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron based in Richmond Hill, Ontario. In addition to a lifelong love of flying, self-avowed “adventure seeker” Wayne loves spending as much time as possible with his wife and daughters.

Alwyn Pereira
Senior Helpdesk Analyst


Alwyn’s warm and engaging personality is known to several of our clients. Previously Idealogical’s Senior Support Consultant, he has the confidence and expertise to help ensure that client needs are being met and exceeded on every issue. He is a gifted communicator and an excellent problem solver, providing direction to the technicians and top-notch support to our clients.

We think of new ideas and customize solutions based on each client’s needs.

Alwyn brings his high-level technical and soft skills to the position. He is responsible for overseeing the helpdesk staff to maintain high service levels and ensure customer satisfaction. As Idealogical continues to grow, his dedication to client care will ensure that “no ticket is left behind”. Alwyn spends much of his free time with family, friends and his dog Zoe. He has recently taken a great interest in traveling abroad, and enjoys checking out current events in the city and sampling new cuisines. He is also a basketball fanatic who never misses a chance to catch a game.


Darren Meunier
Senior Systems Administrator


Darren joined the Idealogical team early in 2010, having previously worked in technical support in Sudbury, Ontario. He graduated from a three year Computer Engineering/Technology program at Cambrian College in 2008.

Customers appreciate the relationships we build with them. They know that the members of our team are certified experts who care about what we do.

Darren previously held the position of IT Manager.  In recognition of his great dedication in going above and beyond the call of duty he was promoted to Senior Systems Administrator in 2013.  His role as Senior Systems Administrator is to design network and perimeter security solutions for our clients and to oversee the operations of the IT managers.  On long weekends, Darren returns to Sudbury to visit family and friends. He enjoys keeping fit and active and has recently been studying the Japanese language.

Zaid Ghanniaiman
Helpdesk Technician


Zaid first joined Idealogical at the end of 2010 as a co-op student. Impressed with his technical abilities, Idealogical subsequently offered him a full time position in 2012 after his graduation from Centennial College in Toronto with an Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Network System Technologies. Zaid’s favourite aspect of his job is the exposure to different types of technology.

We continuously implement the latest technology to give our clients tools that result in a competitive advantage.

In his spare time, Zaid enjoys building model kits, reading or playing video games, and would some day like to travel the world. A little known fact about Zaid is that he likes doing math while exercising.

We get IT

Our people are always delving into the latest technology solutions. They work together as a team and communicate with each other to ensure that every customer gets the highest level of service. We’re always there to find the best solutions for our clients, no matter what is takes to get the job done.

The Idealogical team – your IT experts

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