We take pride making a positive difference for clients via our best-practice focused implementation of technology solutions. We provide exemplary customer service that is honest and respectful. Idealogical is committed to changing the perception of the computer technology professional/consultant to that of a respected member of a company’s advisory team.

We have a code of ethics that governs the way we do our work and interact with clients and others.

Idealogical is a fully accredited BBB business with an A+ rating.
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  • Idealogical Systems Inc. will perform our work with care and professionalism, according to each of our client’s requirements and the interests of end-users. If our professional recommendations are not followed, it is our obligation to provide an explanation as to the likely risks and consequences.
  • In our professional capacity, Idealogical shall have regard for the public health, safety and environment.
  • Idealogical shall have regard for the rights of third parties, including professional colleagues or members of the public who may be affected by a managed services project.
  • Within our area of professional expertise we will maintain knowledge and understanding of relevant legislation, regulations and standards, and comply with such requirements. In the international context, we shall strive to be aware of, and understand, the requirements of law specific to the jurisdiction within which we are working.
  • Idealogical will conduct our professional activities without discrimination against clients or colleagues.


Avoiding Conflict of Interest

Idealogical will avoid any situation that may create a conflict of interest between us and our clients. We will make full and immediate disclosure to our clients if any conflict is likely to occur. Idealogical will reject any offer of bribery or inducement.

Client Confidentiality & Representation

Privacy Statement: Idealogical is committed to respecting the privacy of individuals and recognizes a need for the appropriate management and protection of any personal information that you agree to provide to us. We will not share your information with any third party outside of our organization, other than as necessary to fulfill your request.

Idealogical will not disclose or authorize to be disclosed, or use for personal gain or to benefit a third party, confidential information (except with the permission of our Client, or at the direction of a court of law).

Idealogical will not misrepresent or withhold information on the performance of products, systems or services, or take advantage of the lack of knowledge or inexperience of others.

Professional Advancement and Education

Idealogical will seek to upgrade our professional knowledge and skill, and will maintain awareness of technological developments, procedures and standards which are relevant to our field.

Managed Services Professional Competence and Integrity

Idealogical will not hold ourselves out as experts in an area where we are not. We will only offer to do work or provide a service that is within our professional competence.

Idealogical is a Member Company of the International Association of Managed Service Providers and will observe the relevant MSPA Codes of Practice and all other standards which, in our judgment, are relevant, and we will encourage our colleagues to do likewise.

Idealogical will accept professional responsibility for our work and for the work of colleagues who operate under our supervision.

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