An introduction network discovery.

The Idealogical Network Discovery is an intensive diagnostic, documentation, planning, auditing and organizational service. The goal of this service is to help you fully understand your technology’s current state, and give you the correct information for making technology purchases and plans.

The Network Discovery process is comprised of three parts over two visits:

  • The Business Process & Objectives discussion
  • Network Audit, Documentation and Organizational process
  • Presentation and review of findings from the Discovery

The Network Discovery service allows us to better understand how your company and current technology work together. From it, we will provide a 4 year technology plan that guarantees uptime and stability for your business. We will present these findings and recommendations in a report to the key decision makers in a 1 hour follow up meeting approximately 1 week after the discovery.

This report is an objective perspective and can be used as a benchmark for quoting and reviewing any other proposals that you may receive.

The discovery is a vital service offering as it serves as both a business and technical audit. It is a tool to enable you to evaluate current setups and plan for the future success of your business. By agreeing to a discovery you have put your best foot forward in the building of an effective technology plan and a properly informed quotation.